Results Driven Social Media Marketing

Our social media management team provide our clients with maximum online exposure through the use of increasingly popular social media marketing networks, search engine and viral marketing, as well as traditional PR services. Our Social Media Consultants work seamlessly with the ProExquisite’s design team to ensure that your marketing goals are considered with your professional web design.

We can audit your current social media pages, plan your editorial calendar, research pithy posts that garner likes, set up online sales, target followers through advertising, design fun videos that increase engagement, and at the end of the day, drive leads to your website. We suggest blogging to educate and attract customers to your business and to gain more inbound leads. We make sure your business is conquering the word of mouth venue and we know the right call to actions to turn your website visitors into customers. Even if you have an in-house marketing manager, companies benefit from working with an outside agency that specializes in social media marketing because you don’t just want to post – you want to prosper.

Social Media Marketing Services

  • Social Media Audits and Competitive Analysis
  • Social Profile Creation
  • Blog Design, Strategy, Setup and/or Optimization
  • Community Building Strategy
  • Development and Monitoring
  • Social Media Management
  • Training on Social Media tools
  • Management of blogs, podcasts, and social media sites
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Implementation Guidelines

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Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

  • Faster, easier communication
  • Networking & partnerships
  • Boost organic visibility
  • Increase website traffic
  • Customer feedback
  • Impress potential customers
  • Branding
  • User-generated content & crowdsourcing of ideas

How Are Search & Social Media Marketing related?

Why would a search marketer — or a site about search engines — care about social media? The two are very closely related.

Social media often feeds into the discovery of new content such as news stories, and “discovery” is a search activity. Social media can also help build links that in turn support into SEO efforts. Many people also perform searches at social media sites to find social media content. Social connections may also impact the relevancy of some search results, either within a social media network or at a ‘mainstream’ search engine.