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They say a photo is worth a thousand words, then how much more valuable is a video?

Video marketing can be used for everything from building customer rapport, to promoting your brand, services or products. Additionally, video marketing can serve as a medium to present how-to’s, promote customer testimonials, live-stream events and deliver viral (entertaining) content.

Let’s take a look at six reason video marketing can use them to help your brand.

1. Video Builds Trust

Building trust with your clients should be your number one goal because trust is what attracts repeat clients, establishing long-term and lucrative partnerships. Allow customers to find you by providing intriguing information and useful tips.

Video is also key to sparking an audience’s interest. Youtube is especially effective for marketing your products.

Videos build trust, which is especially important now because not all consumers are ready to purchase products and services online for fear of getting cheated. Videos allow the spokesperson to deliver a message that seems more personal. Well over half of all consumers state that videos helped convince them to buy online.

2. Google Loves Videos

Videos also increase customer usage of your site, which signals to search engines that it is trustworthy and reliable. Videos can help your site to appear at the top of Google searches.

You will want to be sure that your videos on Youtube are optimized for SEO. To achieve this, creating attention-grabbing headlines, interesting copy, and links to your website. Customers need to be encouraged to move forward towards purchase. Interactive videos can do this.

3. Video Marketing Can Explain Everything

Explainer videos can help potential customers better-understand your products and services. Almost half of businesses that engage in video marketing employ explainer videos, and over 80% of those businesses attribute at least part of their success to explainer videos.

Talking heads are no longer enough to promote your web site. Animated videos—which convey a sense of the old days and provide entertainment as well– work successfully to explain high-level concepts in ways that videos of people talking cannot.

This twenty-step process will almost guarantee that your web site will rise above the rest in Internet searches. Review the tips and best practices to create an effective video showcasing your products and services.

4. Video Engages Even the Laziest Buyers

People want to see videos. They prefer videos because today’s customer does not have time to read lengthy product or service descriptions.

Using videos can create a larger audience for your website. They can capture your viewers’ attention by giving them action to watch and a voice to listen to.

5. Video Encourages Social Shares

According to Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, over 50% of social marketers utilized videos in 2015, and 73% of those were projected to repeat their use of videos in 2016. Without question, social marketers used videos to their full advantage.

Videos are often utilized by social media. Facebook has Lifestage, an app for teens. Instagram has begun to utilize one-minute videos and Stories, and Periscope is available through Twitter. YouTube is second only to Facebook in popularity.

But we must remember that emotional appeals work with potential customers, not just facts. Over 75% of users say they would share an entertaining branded video with friends. Do include engaging videos: they encourage social shares and can attract more customers to your website.

6. Video Ads Work Wonders

Attention: The highest CTR of video ads is 1.84%. For a short video that the customer cannot skip—fifteen seconds on Youtube—the CTR is nearly 100%. For skippable videos ads on social media, the CTR is 9%

Social media provide useful platforms on which to show your video ads. Working with Nielsen, Facebook discovered that it only takes ten seconds of a video to establish total Ad Recall. Avoid the use of banners; go with video ads instead.


Video ads can be very cost-effective. Their use is growing in part due to the easy and immediate availability of information throughout the world. But you must understand human behavior and tendencies before you can create outstanding videos within your budget.

Creative videos that reach customers on the emotional level can get millions of viewings, and help your business thrive in a competitive industry. Learn how video can help your digital marketing campaigns, Contact us today for a free complimentary marketing audit.